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Hi everyone,

My LO iz 20 months old. The first couple of months of her life I spoke to her in Spanish but got scared and decided to focus on English instead. We live in the U.S. and I speak Spanish and English and my husband speaks Mandarin and English. We speak in English to each other and to our daughter but now I am regretting not having stuck to my guns… I am thinking of switching to Spanish exclusively with her but I’m afraid to confuse her. Her language skills are lagging a little bit as it is and I wonder if this will totally throw her off. Any parents have experience with something like this? If so I would love some advice. Thanks in advance!

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I was born in Greece, but raised in Australia, therefore I am bi-lingual.
I have an 18 month old, to whom, unfortunately, I have only spoken to her in Greek…. And now I would like to slowly introduce her to the English Language. Obviously I do not want to switch from Greek to English as she will get frustrated &/or confused, but how would I smoothly transition to speaking ONLY English with her? Where do I start?

Your help is most valuable.

PS: I am living in Greece not Australia.

Many Thanks in advance,


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