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My name is Emilyi am 16 years old , i know that this is for parents, so if you want to take this down you can.

I just thought you “might” want to hear the point of view of a child who has had to pay the price of a mistake her mother made………not teaching her kid to speak her native tongue…….( not that I am truly angry….i just am frustrated sometimes.)

I have lived in Pennsylvania, USA all my life , my father is originalyl from here, but my mother was born and raised in Chile. I just want to let any parents who are hesitating know that teaching your kids you native language is important, and if you dont you will regret it, like my mother. My mother was scared to raise me bilingual because none of the research was out like today. Everyday she always tells me she wishes she wasnt so scared. She spoke spanish to me when i was a baby but stopped when i enetered school. I forgot everything. Trust me that your children will suffer…………although not terriby, but…they will to some extent. When I enetered 6th grade I told her that I have brought it upon myself to learn Spanish, and that she needed to help me. It has been a really really tough 3 years, but all of the books and movies have helped and i am not fully but i am functionally bilngual. I still have a ways to go, but I promised myself I would get there.

I hope that this has maybe persuaded you more to teach your children or to keep doing it. I promised myslef that I am going to teach my children to speak spanish. And I think it is wonderful to see so many people doing the thing my mother should have.

May your luck continue guys!


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Hi Emily,


I am glad that you posted and I am glad to hear from a “child’s” perspective.  Granted you are no longer a child, but a young woman.


In a way I was like you, my parents did not teach me Mandarin Chinese when I was growing up.  I wish they did, but I know that they did the best they could and what they thought was right at the time.


Now I have a 3 year old son who is trilingual as I am teaching him my “native” language, Indonesian, and he goes to a Mandarin Chinese daycare and we both attend weekend Chinese school.  We are both learning Mandarin now.  We live the USA, so English is the community language and my husband’s.


The very best of luck with your Spanish and your life.  At least it is great that you have your mother to be your conversation partner and to help you along.  Keep up the good work.



modified OPOL – English, Indonesian, Mandarin Chinese.


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I hope you and your mother are very proud of your accomplishments!  You have such courage and tenaciousness.  You’ll go very far in this world 🙂

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