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Hi there:  I am wondering if any one else has had this same experience…When my son was about 10 months, I started speaking to him almost exclusively in Spanish.  Prior to this, I spoke to him in English except for on occasion and reading books and singing songs in Spanish.  He is now seven.  He has severe behavioral problems, which started at about age four….ADHD and ODD.  He is extremely defiant at home…not so much at school, but definitely at home.  He can also be very aggressive and mean.,,,unbearable at times.  Sometimes, he can also be a very sweet boy.  When I first started speaking to him in Spanish, I thought I was doing something that would be beneficial to him.  I now wonder if the abruptness of the language change caused the problems he is having. The psychologist says that it is not the cause of his problems, but I can’t help but wonder.  Does anyone else have a similar experience?  Thanks for  you time.

Country: USA
Language: Spanish
Method:  Starting at about 10 months, OPOL.  Then, at age five started speaking more English to him.


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I have been wondering about this same thing.  I want to try the OPOL method, but don’t speak Spanish very well yet.  I’m hoping to speak only in Spanish to my daughter starting sometime within the next year but am terrified that she will freak out about it.

Country: USA
Language: English and Spanish
Method:  Started teaching my daughter at about 8 months through music and books.  No specific method yet.  I would like to do OPOL, but am a monolingual working on my own Spanish before I try speaking to my daughter with it.


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