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  Raising a bilingual child but not quite fluent… Caroline 855 2 06/02
by Fiona
  Looking for good bilingual toys to buy for my upcoming baby Lesley 418 2 05/28
by Lesley
  Are babies’ “coos” the same no matter what language? Julia 344 1 04/29
by Kathryn
  Any Chinese Mandarin toddler playgroups in New York City? mso01 1,279 1 04/21
by Nicole
  Mom BR, dad Hun, country DE, family language EN Flor 692 2 01/30
by Flavia
  Learning to read and write- Bilingual kids Karina 676 1 12/19/13
by Alisa
  Need your advice: 2 or 3 languages? Marina 754 1 10/18/13
by Jess
  I would like to use one parent one language but we have a slight problem Ash 681 2 10/08/13
by Bee
  When to introduce community language to bilingual child? Grace 562 0 10/03/13
by Grace
  toys for bilingual children Nancy 556 0 09/27/13
by Nancy
  Dual language gap advice Jeff 733 1 09/01/13
by Adam Beck
  OPOL for baby but I speak to my wife in English and she responds to me in German Denton 660 0 08/14/13
by Denton
  about to give up – help! Peter 1,708 12 08/06/13
by Deanna
  Just starting to speak… Deanna 536 0 08/06/13
by Deanna
  Teaching English to Turkish Kids in Play Groups SARAY COCUK KULUBU 799 0 07/31/13
  teaching pinyin to child for Mandarin learning Irene 4,891 8 07/17/13
by marywhite123
  Yet another move and the need for a new language Cíntia 833 0 06/03/13
by Cíntia
  Only 200 hours contact per year – Will it work Arthur 885 1 05/14/13
by Adam
  Stepchild = American, newborn baby = bilingual Cybercimet 791 0 04/12/13
by Cybercimet
  Croatian, Arabic, English and French ??? Iva 1,175 3 04/06/13
by Marcelo
  Should I speak in english if I havean accent? Val 1,021 1 03/30/13
by siggeroo
  trilingual mother, monolingual father, how to OPOL exactly?? HELGA HATOLI 935 0 03/19/13
  What’s the best way? Francesca 826 0 03/14/13
by Francesca
  Starting a 3yr old on a second language Marla 1,106 1 03/08/13
by Imran
  Secrets of a Successful Homework Routine (on promoting literacy in the minority language) Adam Beck 826 0 02/12/13
by Adam Beck
  Need inspiration for the bilingual journey? Adam Beck 937 0 01/28/13
by Adam Beck
  My Best Tips for Raising Bilingual Kids Adam Beck 1,268 0 01/06/13
by Adam Beck
  New to this site with Questions: I welcome advise/suggestions for Trilingual child: Spanish, Italian, and English Rosanna 1,221 3 12/21/12
by Ernesto
  spouse forgets to speak in foreign language Jill 912 1 12/16/12
by Annika Bourgogne
  E-book on raising bilingual children Annika Bourgogne 1,038 0 12/14/12
by Annika Bourgogne
  How to Fail Miserably at Raising a Bilingual Child Adam Beck 1,177 0 12/04/12
by Adam Beck
  Spanish parents Manuel Gimenez 943 0 12/01/12
by Manuel Gimenez
  message for Christina Adam Beck 850 0 11/26/12
by Adam Beck
  Will child learn third language passively at home? Edward 1,490 3 11/18/12
by hannah
  Glen Doman’s reading from birth system Maria 1,016 0 11/05/12
by Maria
  Mother Russian, Father Italian, live in Kenya Maria 917 0 11/05/12
by Maria
  buy in from my husband yvonne 807 0 10/26/12
by yvonne
  Don’t know what to do: stilted bilingualism vs smooth monolingualism Dave 1,541 2 10/17/12
by Andrzej Michalik
by Susana
  How strict do you have to be with OPOL? Justine Giovinazzo 2,077 7 10/08/12
by Kristina
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