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I am planning to make an alphabet book using a page of a scrap book for each letter and sticking pictures that start with that letter on the page. Not sure what to do about letters that are only found in the middle or at the end of words though. Any ideas?

Also, I have found quite a nice little alphabet book for French speakers. It is bilingual English-French and each page has a picture of an object whose name starts with the same letter in English or in French. Often the words are similar in each language. I thought it would be good for anyone who’s moving from one language to the other. It can be found on under the section ‘General language’.

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What a great idea!  I love your alphabet scrapbook idea.  Re letters in the middle of words: I had never thought of it/ seen it before but yesterday noticed that a wall chart of alphabet letters that we have in Australia has a picture of something that starts with the specific alphabet letter, EXCEPT for X, which has a picture of a fox.  The x in fox is bigger and a brighter colour. I thought it was a brilliant idea (and better than the traditional xylophone and X-ray  on such charts).  Gonna steal your idea. Thanks.  Thx also for the good link to those French books.  ‘ s


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Thanks for that. I agree, it makes more sense to have a word that uses the ‘ks’ sound for ‘x’ than the less common sounds.

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