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I have a friend who wants to send her 7-year-old son to learn Mandarin.  I personally called Ivy School ( 4 days ago.  The person I spoke to was Leo.  We both use Mandarin.

They do have Chinese class for kids.  Leo said that the best way for kids to learn Mandarin is to learn with other kids if you can. 

I am a native Mandarin speaker, born and raised in Taiwan. I am currently tutoring Mandarin in Dallas.  I’ll be getting the latest “Mandarin learning material for kids” when I visit Taiwan in December. 



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Hi Lin,

Since your friend’s son is 7 years old, that means week-end Chinese school, correct?  Yes, Ivy school also has week-end Chinese school, but here are a couple more options:

Mission of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church (Sacred Heart School) in Plano.
4203 14th St
Plano, TX 75074
(972) 516-8500

DMCLS (Dallas Modern Chinese Language School) –

Probably the Lighthouse Buddha School also has week-end classes.

I know Leo from Ivy School 🙂 

(mostly OPOL: Indonesian, English, Mandarin)

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Best of luck to you in Texas.  I live in Charlotte, North Carolina where we have public school immersion programs in Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish.  They are full immersion (the entire school day is taught in the language, beginning in kindergarten).  We are very lucky!

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I too am struggling with where to enroll my boys as far as Chinese schools go.  I try very hard to speak to them in Mandarin at home but English is my most comfortable language and my husband speaks Cantonese so that doesn’t help.  The kids hear English around them all the time and I really need to find a good Chinese school for them.  For those of you who do send your kids to Ivy, do you like it?  Any suggestion would be appreciated.  BTW~if you live in the plano or Allen area, I would love to start a playgroup with Mandarin speaking children so we can practice togeter.  Just a thought.

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my family will be moving to Dallas from London in a couple of months’ time and I am keen for my little boy to attend Chinese daycare. I just had a look at the Ivy’s website and it looks like they only take children from 18mths onwards. Is that the norm? My boy will be about 1 when we arrive. I didn’t have any luck finding Buddhist Lighthouse School so if anyone has more detailed information, I would really appreciate it.

I would love to attend a Mandarin playgroup. There are a lot of Chinese pple in the UK but most speak Cantonese. I am the only one speaking Mandarin in the family so I really have my work cut out for me.

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I like Ivy School a lot.  My ideal school for my son is a Montessori in Mandarin Chinese, but that is not available as far as I know  🙂  How old are your boys?

If you want a Cantonese school, there is one across the intersection from Ivy School (in Grace Chinese Baptist Church or something like that).  It is in a complex with Supercuts, Dos Charos Mexican restaurant, a martial arts school, etc.

I would love to get together with your family, I’ll try to e-mail you.

(OPOL: English, Indonesian, Mandarin)


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Yes, unfortunately Ivy only accepts children 18 months and up.  My son went to Kindercare until he was almost 2 years old, and then moved to Ivy.

I found this site:
Look for IBPS Dallas at 1111 International Parkway.
There is telephone number, maybe you can call them and ask for the daycare’s phone number.

I would love to meet with you and your family, too.  Let me know once you move here.

Xin nian kuai le, gong xi fa cai  🙂



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Hi, if you are interested in starting a homeschool Mandarin Immersion program in the Dallas area, please let me know.   We would start with 5-6 year olds and a kindergarten curriculum.

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I was searching for Mandarin Immersion school on texas and found this site.

By the way, we may be planning to move to Texas due to job, any one can tell me more about the place and school and environment especially as a Chinese.

Tom Furstone

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If you are interested in your child learning Mandarin Chinese, you will want to look at

I tried it with my son who thinks it’s great. It is not like DVDs and other stuff where everything is like a lesson or you have to buy the next DVD. Instead there are games and e-books and linked culture that the child chooses out of a number of options.

It is good value for sure given how much immersion schools can cost. You want to be making the most of that money by helping them out of school too.



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Try this for Mandarin immersion school in the Dallas area:

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As I understand, Sunray is only a week-end school… am I not understanding it correctly?  What I am looking for is a weekday, 5-days-a-week school with the intention of teaching the children Mandarin to an “advanced” level appropriate for their ages.  We are in a week-end school at the Mission of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Plano as well.

Thank you.
modified OPOL – Indonesian, English, Mandarin.


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Hi, we are moving to Dallas in July and I have hired a full time Chinese teacher to homeschool my two children.    My children have been attending a Chinese language immersion school in Florida and since I’m unable to find anything similar, I’m going to do it on my own.

My son will be starting kindergarten and like his older sister, will receive his math, science, and language arts in Chinese.   I will teach them 1 hour of English as well.

If you have a kindergarten age child and you would like to join us, please let me know.   We are using Singapore Math, translated in to Mandarin and other materials for science and Chinese Language Arts.    The math curriculum is accelerated by 1 year and the science is accelerated as well.

This will be true immersion, based on a curriculum that my daughter (who is 7) has received.    The “class” will meet in the NorthPark area of Dallas for 3 hours each day.    I can probably accomodate 3-4 other children.    I’m anxious for my son to have other children to socialize with.

The cost would be around $250 per month + materials fees.

If you are interested, please e-mail me at [email protected].


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We are a Spanish/English bilingual family who lives in the Dallas area. We are hoping to start Mandarin with our oldest son 2 1/2 soon. We have lived here for three years. If I can answer any general questions about the area, please ask.
Aileng Seymour

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Hi there

we have just moved to Dallas from London last week and I would very much like to meet people who have children learning mandarin or who are keen to. I speak mandarin to my 15 mth old son and I think it would be nice if he could meet playmates who can speak/understand mandarin as well. I am also hoping to meet like-minded mums and families along the way as we are completely new here. If that’s an idea that appeals to you, do drop me a line and some contact details at :

[email protected]


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