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Nathan- Has anything come to fruition with the mandarin program you wanted to start.

Hi everyone- I know this is an old thread but I was hoping there is more development since originally posted. My kids have been in a Mandarin Chinese 80-100% immersion school since kinder. They are now in 2nd grade. There is a chance we could be moving to the Dallas area and I’m looking for something similar. I have yet to find anything in my research for a true immersion Mandarin program. Only in Houston. The school they are at currently is 100% immersion through 2nd grade and then is at 50/50 with English/Mandarin. Right now this is my biggest issue with moving to Dallas and away from Colorado.
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Hi, there’s a possibility my family maybe relocating from San Diego to Dallas so I am also looking for a Chinese immersion (preschool) program in the Dallas area.  We just found one in SD and I really like it so I’m hoping to find something similar in Texas.

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