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Does anyone know if there are any Mandarin toddler playgroup in New York City?  I see a lot of weekend schools for Chinese, but they are for older kids.  I would like to join a playgroup or toddler classes that is conducted in Mandarin.  I currently take her to Gymboree classes.  She seems to be bored of it already.  They just do some climbing and running around in the gym.  It was fun in the beginning, but now its a little boring for my 20 mos old toddler.

If there isn’t any, anyone interested in starting a playgroup in Mandarin with me?  I live in NYC Queens area.  Please let me know.  Thanks

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I am also looking to enroll my toddler in a mandarin playgroup. I have went for a trial class at the language workshop but my daughter didn’t enjoy herself. So I am still searching for a more fun mandarin playgroup. How old is your child and which part of nyc are you located?

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