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I am bringing up a bilingual child (Spanish /English) in this city which is very bilingual, and yet I am finding it surprisingly difficult to find a Spanish language pre-school or even playgroup for my son. The Spanish schoolhouse caters for the northern and western zones of the city, but does anyone know of a group or school closer to central Dallas? There MUST be one!

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I am in the same situation. We live in Grand Prairie. I have looked into Spanish Schoolhouse also (it is excellent) but just too far. Our son is 2 and I plan to have him attend one of their sessions this summer. How old are your children? I have thought about trying to put together a playgroup.


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Hi there!
I’m in Irving and I’ve been trying to find a spanish daycare or immersion program or even just playgroup myself, with no luck so far….who would have thought that this would be so difficult in texas of all places?!? Too bad we’re all kind of scattered in the metroplex area, otherwise we could start a playgroup…
please let me know if you ever find something!



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Hi. It is now 18 months since my last post. I did start my own Spanish playgroup very informally with a group of mothers moving between our houses for the summer last year and this. The group has been fun And very well attended and popular. but the Spanish has been introductory not really that useful for bilingual kids but more for the majority beginners. Better than nothing but not ideal. The new issue is that there seem to be no Spanish bilingual schools at all except a few lucky Neighborhoods with dual language public school programs. Any other info?

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Good news!  Spanish SchoolHouse is opening a school in Arlington.  If you want more information, let me know.  Also, how old are your kids?  My son is 3 1/2 and still speaks more Spanish than English but I am afraid that it will change so I am always looking for Spanish-speaking playmates.  His Spanish is excellent. (I am very proud!) 


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