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Hi everybody, 

I’m leaving in Spain and I’m teaching English to a baby. I’ve been trying to find some kind of DVD of songs performed by adult people and children to help him learn new words and melodies (something like this

Thank you a lot,

Danielle Ferreira

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I stay teaching my son in English too, and i use youtube videos (itsy bitsy spider, five little monkeys, etc..), for have some fun with him, and i watch the program hi5 (performed by adult people who sing) and others…
how old is your son? mine has 1 year and 7 months, and we live in Brazil.
 i would like, if you want, to exchange experiences…

Good Luck

Danielle Ferreira



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Greetings. I live in America, and from this experience can assert that Baby Einstein is a reputable company which sells children’s videos. They are not just language focused; however, they have videos which do focus on language, numbers, letters, shapes, etc. There is also a children’s program Sesame Street ( that has videos and games online for free. Finally, there is also an interactive site called PBS Kids ( Good luck!

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