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I would like to rise my daughter bilingual English and Italian.
I’m intermediate level but I speak English like a beginner (or less).
When she was 2 1/2 I enroled her in a bilingual school. It wasn’t a very good school they had mother tongue teachers but they spoke too much Italian.
When she was 5 1/2 I decided to do by myself.
I read her books. We watch English DVDs. We sing songs. She can read simple books but… we don’t speak English!!!
Are my efforts ended in failure?

1. Country you live in : Italy
2. Languages the family speaks: Italian
3. Ages of the children: 7
4. Language system (OPOL, ML@H or any other method):

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I hear you…
Dont give up. Just keep talking.. Maybe you can comment on what you doing.. Like “Mommy is cleaning the kitchen- mommy is putting the yellow bowl away.. Is mommy putting the yellow bowl away?” Yes she is….
I dont think it will end up in failure however can you meet some other english speaking moms/parents in your area?
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