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I have a girl just turn 3 and my husband talk to her in Urdu, I talk to her in English and Portuguese, she have school in English.
in English she knows the alphabet, to count 100, the animals( about 50 different), the shapes ( the harder ones too, like octagon), colors (even colors like “ violet“ and “aquamarine“),body parts, types of food, different household objects, mom, dad, but doesn`t dialogue, and only makes one phrase “ I want water“, but rarely, and she knows how to answer yes and no questions but rarely does.
Sometimes she stays reciting her lists, or pointing out different things in the environment that matches her lists, like telling the colors of things around her, or the shapes of things, or how many of one shape. For example, she noticed circles in a princess picture, and stayed saying 13 circles!!!! for a long time, I counted, and there was 13 circles in the picture, but sometimes her speech seems random.
In Portuguese she says agua( water), vovo ( grandma), nenem (baby), eu( I), quero (want) sai (get out), nao (no ) sim(yes) and make 2-3 word phrases, but rarely.
In Urdu she says dudu(milk) aba(dad).

She was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder level 2, normal iq. One speech therapist said that her speech delay is more to do with her trilinguism and that I should focus on one language, English.
But many studies show that learning more than one language is beneficial to children in the autism spectrum.

I want some feedback if anyone also have experience with autism and bilinguism /trilinguism and how is the language development of a typical trilingual 3 year old.


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Hi nkhan1991-

Passing along these articles to you. They review the research on autism and bilinguism/ trilinguism.


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