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Top 10 Mistakes Parents Make

  • Don’t teach — make it fun and natural.
  • Don’t make a big deal of the languages — but do explain the usage.
  • Don’t correct — just repeat the words correctly.
  • Don’t ask your child to “show off,” — but praise him if he volunteers.
  • Don’t mix languages yourself — a consistent language system provides structure, predictability, and security. This in turn promotes learning.
  • Don’t rely on recordings — speak or sing to your baby directly and intently.
  • Don’t be shy — use your language in public even if you sometimes feel embarrassed.
  • Don’t make abrupt changes to your child’s language environment — go slow and explain what’s happening.
  • Don’t wait to expose your child to a second or third language — the earlier your child starts, the easier it will be for everyone.
  • Don’t wait! We really mean it! If not now, probably never.

But Do: praise, encourage, and have fun!

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