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Grace S.

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Hi, I’ve just started a website to share coloring pages, worksheets, and flashcards in Chinese – English.

I’m using it with my 2 year old and will be updating the website as we progress.

I’d love to have other parent’s opinion about the site and material and open for any suggestion.



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Dear Grace S,

Great start of your site. Do you have other links for me concerning language for Chinese bilingual preschoolers.
I’m a preschool teacher in Shanghai. I use English only in my classroom, however the Chinese teacher (who is also full time in the classroom as well as the Ayi talk Chinese to the Children.
95% of the children in my classroom are/is Chinese and don’t have a bilingual but monolingual environment at home which is Chinese.
They are between 2.5 and 3.5 years old.
Kind regards,

Grace S

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Hi Panpan,
thanks for visiting my website.
I’m not sure what kind of link you need. If you searching for English as Second Language (ESL) resources you’ll find lots of free website out there. I’ve put one of my favorite links on the <a href=””>links page</a> of my website :
the Pratt website has tons of links as well.
I haven’t put into my website yet, since I prefer to check the website first before linking to them, so it will take me some time to put together the links.

As for free bilingual resources I’ve not found anything yet. If anyone reading this forum know of such website, please share with us. Thank you.


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This is a great website, perfect for beginners and love the coloring pages that describe the word and how it mimics the character!  Keep up the great work and I will visit often!

Parth Misra

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Dear Grace,
A very good and resource-full website. I myself have a website for teaching Chinese to Children aged between 3 and 8. Please do give it a visit and let me know your thoughts. The url is

Thanks so much!


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Do you have worksheets for basic chinese character strokes. I am trying to get my girl to recognise the basic strokes then from there develop to character writing. I am trying to use that to communicate to her when she is writing.

Jerry Young

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You should be able generate  them from


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Thank you for the link. It is a neat site!


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I have this site called supercoloring bookmarked, they have quite a lot of educational coloring pages but it never crossed my mind to search for anything related to what you need, you can have a look at their preschool coloring sheets and see if any helps


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Today I want to share with you a site that has quite a lot of educational Coloring Pages. You can find many categories at here. You don’t need buy color books or anything material. Just a click, you can enter the modern worlds with the creative ideas and vivid pictures. You can print out or color online these pages, with color online you just choose your favorite paint brushes, colors and then paint them. Paint whatever comes in your mind.




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