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I am not married to the father of my child.
He is Afrikaans speaking and I am English. Our daughter is now almost 22 months and doesn’t yet say simple sentences. I’ve been trying really hard the past month to focus on her speech. I’ve bought basic books and she will point to a picture and I will say the word. She is slowly picking up the words and I’m terribly proud of her. The problem is that my boyfriend is fighting with me constantly saying that I’m selfish because I don’t also speak Afrikaans to her. I’m not sure of where our relationship is going and would much rather send her to an English school as it would make it easier for me. I won’t keep her away from Afrikaans. My dad is Afrikaans and I can speak it well. But the way my boyfriend is carrying on, he wants me to speak Afrikaans and he isn’t happy that I enrolled her in Top Tots which is an English speaking class… the class has done her well and she has picked up and learned so much. He just won’t stop fighting.
What can you suggest!? I’m tired of fighting and I just want the best for my daughter.


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Hi there

Exactly why is he against it? Try to explain the advantages. However – some people are beyond reasoning and logic. So if explaining doesn’t help, brute strength and determination is your only option. Yes you are tired of the fighting – but are you going to let him get in the way of what you know is best for your child? You have to be the lioness!! You have a child. If your relationship isn’t good for the child maybe you should re-think it. What else in the future that you want for the child is he going to stop?
Sorry for asking difficult and probing questions – but you now have more than yourself to think of. Being strong is no longer an option, it’s a must. Remember, you can be just as determined as he can, or even more so. It’s just a decision you have to make, roll up the sleeves and go for it…

Let me know in a few weeks how you are doing.

Good luck! ‘May the force be with you’ 😉


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Thanks Christina.

I’m going forward with showing her English words. I want to improve her speech and get her talking.
I haven’t backed down but it does drain a person to work against the tide all the time

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