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Hi there. I’m raising my 20 month old girl to speak Spanish, French, & English (I speak all to her in various degrees). She’s now making up her own phrases & sentences & they many times consist of 2 languages (i.e., dos oiseaux; fell piso). Since I’ve read this stage is normal, I’m not surprised it’s happening. My question, however, is how to respond to such utterances. Do I restated it in 1 or 2 of the spoken languages? What’s your experience? Can anybody direct me to some information on handling the situation? Thanks in advance.
Jodi Spitler

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Hi Angelina,

I have had a similar experience with my daughter. She is now four and she still does it a little bit, but only when she doesn’t have the word in the other language. I usually repeated the sentence back to her all in one language (or rephrased it as a question to make sure that I understood). It seems to have worked as the instances where she mixes the languages are definitely few and far between.


In German speaking Switzerland…

Mother English

Father Swiss German


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