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I’m a father raising a child with my wife in Taiwan.  He’s bilingual in both Chinese and English.  I usually talk to him in English and stories through books.  I also speak Spanish, so I’m introducing it to him playfully. 
He’s lucky to know that knowing languages is not abstract and difficult.  Every kid is a sponge, you have to water it and soak it.  I don’t know if that makes sense.  It’s challenging, frustrating, and fun.
I’ve been working on my blog about it.  It’s short and simple.

Since I don’t have access to a lot of Spanish books, I use the net for ideas..


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Wow! It’s great that you are exposing your son to those languages.

I am also trying to teach my kids Spanish, and we are going to Chinese School on Saturday…

I will be sure to look at your blog…please visit ours too:


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I forgot to include this info:

Country you live in: USA
Languages the family speaks: English, Spanish, Chinese
Ages of the children: 8 and 9
Language system:  Other

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Hi Tyeisha and Juan,

I just read these posts and then looked at your blogs and subscribed to them. They are really nice! Tyeisha I am also a non fluent Spanish speaker teaching my 3 year  old son Spanish. We live in Baltimore. I have been speaking to him in mostly Spanish since before he was 2 years old. It is a great challenge. Check out my blog if you have a chance and subscribe if you want-

Good luck,


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