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So here is my situation,
I currently live in an English country with my husband and my daughter who is now 6 months old.Me and my husband are fluent in English and German since we worked in Germany for a while.

Since my daughter is born we did only speak English with her but we now feel the need to teach her German and we wanted to use the minority language at home method but the “problem” is that we work from home and most of our job consist in meeting clients and talking on the phone ,i also speak alot wih my husband during work hours, in …yes English! and we work around 6 hours per day, out of those 6 hours our daughter is close to us (listening distance).

So the MLAH method dont seems like a good option for the OPOL ..well same problem our daughter will ear us speak English together and on the phone almost 4 hours a day and if she see that my husband can speak english it kind of mess up the whole OPOL concept right?!

So the question is would it be a good option if me and my husband would only talk German to our daughter ( as well as listening tv and radio ..signing ect ) and keep speaking English together and with clients (in person or via phone calls) during work hours ?

Thanks a lot for your time, please help me im so confused i realy want her to learn German but cant realy stop speaking english at home least for 4-6 hours a day  :-/

Thanks xx


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