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Annika Bourgogne

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I am the mom of two bilingual daughters and have studied bilingualism for the past 15 years both academically and in the daily life of our family. I’m passionate about the subject and am always looking for new ways to combine real-life parenting and the latest research on how to raise multilingual children.

I have recently published an e-book (available on Amazon) on the subject called Be Bilingual – practical tips for multilingual families. Multilingual families from around the world have participated in the contents of this book by sharing their best tips and resources on how to make growing up with two or more languages an enjoyable experience. The book has ideas (backed up by research and practical experience) for families across a wide range of different multilingual situations: mixed-language marriages, expats, international adoption, single parent and trilingual families, and parents who speak a non-native language with their children.

Best regards,

Annika Bourgogne


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