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Hello there!!

After much surfing the net, I came across your wonderful site, which has cleared most doubts I had as to raise my yet unborn baby bilingually.

I´m an English teacher and I feel I´m proficient enough to teach my baby English when it comes to this world. I already speak to my baby in English  in my belly!!!

I spend 80% of my time teaching English and reading or writing in English.

I´ve got a lovely dog and the dog is trained in English already. So if it worked with my pet, why shouldn´t it work with my baby, right??

I´m actually Brazilian and my mother tongue is Portuguese. All my family speaks Portuguese . I do have some close friends who speak English fluently and who will be willing to lend my a hand when the baby comes.

I´ve got lots to read about and research to do in order for me to be better prepared to teach my baby. I shall count on you to give my a hand and help me out with tips and ideas.

I´m ever so grateful that I have found you!!!

I´ll keep you posted.



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Good for you, Adriana!

There are actually lots of us (“us” being people speaking a wonderful language to our child which isn’t actually our native language) out there, so welcome to a great group!  I’ll bet that you find that speaking English to your child introduces you to new dimensions of appreciation for a language you already love and have mastered. This has certainly been my experience… I think of all the lullabies I learned and children’s music I decided I “must” invest in and learn.  It’s been such a wonderful journey.   Bye for now.


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