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Hi everyone!

This website is amazing and I would like to start by truly thanking everyone involved in it.

I will soon be a father of a lovely girl and one of my first contribution to her education will be raising her in two languages (English/Portuguese). I hope it will work. I’m Brazilian and I’ve lived in London for 5 years so despite being a non-native English speaker I believe my skills will do the job.

I wonder if anyone has examples of family agreement/strategies for when one of the two does not speak both languages. That is, I do speak English but my wife doesn’t and I am worried that she could be left out from some conversations and how could I possibly deal with it using OPOL.

How flexible can I be to include her, by speaking Portuguese, when I see her aside and at the same time sticking to the OPOL?

Pedro Gaspar

I live in Brazil

Baby not born yet


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