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Monika Thimm

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Hi everybody,

I would like to get your feedback on the following:

I am bilingual (German/Greek) and my husband as well (Basque/Spanish). We are used to speaking in English, although I have learnt Spanish since I moved to Spain seven years ago. We have a little daughter of 16 months. For the time being, my husband speaks only in Basque to her, while I speak only in Greek to her (we decided to echa choose our strongest language). Meanwhile, as mentioned above, my husband and I speak in English at home, and in Spanish if we are with friends. That means that our little daugther is mainly hearing two languages, which she seems to understand very well, and also another two languages (English and Spanish) that I do not know if she understands anything. I was wondering if and when it would be possible to introduce German to her, as I would like her to learn this language as soon as it would be advisable.

Any opinions?

Thank you [smile]
Nahikari Irastorza

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Hi Monika,

I do not have an answer for you, sorry [frown]  I was actually going to post the same question when I saw yours. Have you read anything about how to proceed since you asked this question? 

We are also a multilingual family (my husband’s parental languages are English/Cantonese but he also speaks French and Mandarin). Like in the case of your husband, my first two languages are Basque and Spanish. We live in British Columbia, Canada and our strategy at home is the same as yours, one person one language, so we speak Basque and English to our 18 months old daughter. I would also like to teach my daughter how to speak Spanish sooner than later but I don’t know how to do it (she is not watching TV yet). 

I would appreciate if you could get back to me telling me about your experience.

Thank you very much!


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