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Anyone who would like their child to learn French or English should give a try.  It is fun and engaging material, and most of it free.


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Thanks for the tip Steve!

UpToTen is a fun site with beautiful graphics and great sound effects. The purpose is not to teach languages, but to be educational in general, which is still always a welcome thing!!

From a language perspective, the child should ideally be able to read to really benefit from this site — not much spoken language in the games (at least the free portion). So, excellent French/English language source for the older set, and apparently some Dutch, Italian and Spanish as well in the premium section.

The subscription for the premium section is currently $50 per year.


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Hi,  We have (Boowa & Kwala) as a homepage.  We paid for the subscription for 6 months but really the free stuff is just as good.  I have found this site to be absolutely fantastic and my boys love it.  I can’t recommend it enough to anyone who wants to start their little ones with the french or english language.  We have also bought t/shirts and towels because my kids love it so much and because it is different.  I have also learnt some interesting phrases in french.  I would also recommend that adults play alongside their child to see what’s happening.  What a great learning source for language and also to get started on the computer.  C’est incroyable!

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