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Hi everyone.

We’re expecting a baby in some weeks and my wife and I always had the idea of teaching our son more languages than our native language.
We live in Argentina and we speak Spanish. My wife is an English translator, so she speaks English really well. I do myself too but I also speak well Portuguese and can speak fairly well French, Russian, Italian and some Chinese.
We’re thinking of teaching our baby Portuguese and English at home as we are more fluent in those languages. I would speak in Portuguese and my wife in English and he would learn Spanish with other relatives and with us too.
Do you think that is a good approach? Do you suggest I should try with another language I don’t speak so well as Portuguese?
I’ve read other stories here about parents teaching their children languages they don’t speak fluently but I’m not sure what happens when you speak a language with errors and lack of vocabulary. I can speak French but not as well as I speak Portuguese.
Thanks in advance!
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