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Hi. I am a grandma of a 3 yo girl who lives 300k away and I see her on average every 6th week for a couple of days. I also get to talk to her over the phone; but she is not interested in the phone conversation yet. Her parents are from 2 different cultures, but they insisted on monolanguage (English). For fear of missing out, my husband and I have, till now, communicated to her in English. She has a strong vocabulary in English. I’d love very much that she also speaks our language. What steps should we take.


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As a mom of a 2 year old and a 5 year old, I can understand the parents perspective.  Learning a language takes a lot of time and effort.  I am not a native speaker, nor a fluent speaker of Russian, but my in-laws (the granparents) speak very little English and I have made it my goal as a parent to teach them the Russian Language and Culture.  The things that they have given me that have been very helpful are CD’s of children’s music and lullibies in Russian that I can play in the car or before bedtime.  They also sent us some books where you can press a button and it will say the letter sound or sing the words to a song.  I am not sure on the official name of these books, but they have been wonderful!  My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE them and read them over and over again.  We have also done Skype with our kids and grandparents and found that seeing each other while talking helps the conversation go better.  My daughter likes to color while talking to her babushka and they talk about the picture and the colors that she is (or will be) using.  Hope this helps!
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