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Hello everyone. My name is Aida and I am a college student who is currently taking a child development class. We have a research project in that class and the topic I chose was bilingual children. Part of my project involves a questionnaire/ survey of parents of bilingual children and I was hoping a few of you would be able to help me by answering the questionnaire below. Thank you soooooo much for your time. =)

If you would like to participate but feel uncomfortable posting this information on this thread, my email is aidaelnatour at gmail dot com

Age of the child:

Languages spoken
 Majority Language (the one spoken in the country you are living):
 Minority Language (the language you are teaching):

How fluent are you planning for you child to be in the minority language? Would you like them to only speak and understand the language or will you also be teaching them to read and write?

Are you just focusing on developing the minority language or will you also be trying to develop the majority language?

Does your child attend a day care, preschool, or kindergarten?
 Does any part of it involve the minority language or is it all in the majority language?

If your child is a little older, does s/he take any classes in the minority language?

Does your community (relatives, friends, neighbors, etc.) speak in the minority language or the majority language?
If your community is not in the minority language do you do anything such as finding playmates, etc to expose your language to the child? How often?

Which method do you use teach your child the language?
One Parent, One Language Method (each parent speaks a different language with the child)
 Minority Language at Home Method (Both parents speaks the minority language)
 Other (Please explain) 

How often do you read to your child?

  Do you read to your child in:
Only/ mostly minority language
Equally in the minority language and English
Only/ mostly in English

When you pick books to read for your child what do you look for in a book to improve your child’s language development? 

Do you use any computer programs to aid in the development of your child’s languages? In which languages? What parts of their languages are you trying to develop using the programs?

Do you play any games/ sing songs to help develop your child’s languages? What types of games or songs do you play? What parts of the language do you try to develop with the games/songs?

Do you use TV and videos to develop your child’s minority language? What types of shows/ videos do you show (educational or regular shows)?

How consistent are you with keeping up with the plans you have for developing your child’s language abilities?

What do you feel is the most important activity in developing your child’s language?

So far, what has been the hardest part to be able to do in helping your child to become bilingual? What has been the easiest?


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**I do not need any more replies for the questionnaire. Thank You**

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