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Hi every one!
I’ll explain :
Im’ french, my husband is american and we live in italy.
We put our firts child (she’s 2years and 3 months) at an italian daycare, because the private french or english ones were way too expensive.
I talk to her only in french and my husband only in english.
She understands very well the 3 languages (french, english and italian) BUT she very often talks to me in italian! when she plays, it’s also in italian…
What I usualy do when she talks me not in french, is I reapeat the sentence or word she just said in french.
My husband does the same in english.
I was wondering if it’s gonna change aturally and if she will understand that with me she has to speak french and english with my husband all the time.
Did we do something wrong? What can I do to help her?
I’m concerned also because we’re not gonna stay in Italy for ever, and I don’t want her to be lost if we move back to france or US…
Thank you for your help!
ps : sorry if I posted in the wrong section or if I did something wrong, it’s my firts post


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Hi Elsa,

I am Turkish, my wife is German-Turkish and we live in the US. Our first child is 3 years old and he goes to a school where the spoken language is English. I always speak Turkish with him and my wife speaks German. He tried to communicate  couple of times in English with us or mixed up German with me. We ignored any communication attempts in English.
He always speaks Turkish with me and German with my wife. However, English is dominant language as he speaks English by himself when he plays with his toys.
I would recommend that you and your husband do not respond to her when she speaks Italian with you. She will eventually understand it.    


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we practice the ML@H. we live in the us (but only for a while). We have a large german community here. we will be moving back to Germany in 2013. So our son now 27 month old, is exposed to serbian (ML@H) and german (all children he plays with and our friends speak german). our problem is that he lerans german way better than serbian (we read and play musik and talk to him only in serbian, also in front of other people. all of them are supprotiv of our MA@H. So my question is shoul I igrnore my son when he speks in german to me? Now we answer his german question in serbian and repeat the german puestion in serbian but i do not see any results.  he understand both languages – that is no question but prefers to speak german. I am really torn what to do. So if I should ignore him while he speaks german to us, how far do We have to go? ex.: he wants something and he tells me that in german. I ask him to repat the question in serbian and he refuses to tell the sentens. What do I do, just go away or try to explain? Thank you in advance… for any tips


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