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My husband and I are raising our two daughters tri-lingual: english, spansih and wounaan, my husband’s tribal language.  The education system in our country is poor and I have considered homeschooling, but not sure how to go about it between the three languages.

Would it confuse my daughters if i taught one day in English, and the next in Spanish?  Or should I get my husband and others involved?  Anyone have experience in homeschooling in more than one language?

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Hi Jennifer,

I’m raising my boys trilingual too (English, Spanish and Danish – living in Spain). They were in an English school until September last year, when I started homeschooling. I don’t know how old your children are, and if you start homeschooling from when they are very young, things might be different. Mine are now 10 and 12 y.o. and can read, write and speak fluent English and Spanish and speak fluent Danish, so I didn’t have to teach them the basics.

I decided to keep teaching them according to the English curriculum (you can find all the curriculums on-line), as they are most likely to want to continue an English language education later. So I teach all lessons in English (though I am the Danish parent :-). But I also teach Spanish lessons according to the Spanish curriculum and Danish reading/writing/grammar. I really think you have to choose one language to use to teach you children all the subjects (maths, science etc.) – and then teach the other languages as proper language-lessons.

I assume you live in a Spanish speaking country and the children will be hearing Spanish every day, so build on their level in each language, but choose their dominant language to teach other subjects.

It wasn’t my choice to do homeschooling – it was a necesity because of finances – but it’s been an amazing experience for all of us, and they are doing so well! It takes time and dedication, but it’s worth it!

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