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My husband and I are native English speakers and we were both semi-fluent in French, however, we feel that exposure to Spanish will be more beneficial to our daughter. I had taken a few years of Spanish several years ago so I need to brush up on my own skills significantly. We can’t afford to hire a spanish-speaking nanny, etc. or send her to an immersion school and so far I haven’t found any playgroups.

I would like to try and teach her spanish but I’m not sure how to get started. I don’t want to confuse her and that this point OPOL method won’t really work for us. Should I try and set up a special area of the house where we “learn” spanish? Should I try to only speak spanish while out on daily walks with her? I am just hoping to give her a basic foundation in spanish that will hopefully be supplemented when she goes to preschool/kindergarten (some schools in our area are adding spanish) but I don’t want to confuse her either.

Any suggestions for books, videos would also be nice

1. Country you live in – US
2. Languages the family speaks – English
3. Ages of the children – nearly 2.5
4. Language system (OPOL, ML@H or any other method) –nothing yet

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Hi Sandy,
I have very similar questions.  I see that you posted this awhile ago.  What did you decide to do? How is it going?  This is what I am thinking of doing: Spanish playgroup once a week and some sort of structured spanish playtime time at home. Maybe I can learn from your experience.  

Thank you!

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Hi, I live in Paraguay but I’m from Uruguay, Spanish is my native language and Portuguese is almost as native too, English is my L2, I am quite fluent in English but haven’t practice in years but I started to teach English to my 5 years old adoptive girl.

When she came to my house a year ago her language was Guarani that is the second language here in Paraguay, it’s an Indian language, although I live here since ’83 I never learned that, it’s very difficult, so her first month at home was very hard because we didn’t understand each other, no need to say that today, a year later, she speaks Spanish like any other kid of her age.

I waited to teach English because I though it will be too much for her but I was wrong and now I am trying to catch up, I speak English 1-2hrs per day and she’s already learning, her favorite sentence “I love you mommy”

So don’t be afraid and start little by little, you feel awkward because it’s not your native language but don’t think about that but in the great opportunity you’re giving to your kid.


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