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I am american and my husband is peruvian.  I speak almost perfect spanish (with a slight accent) and my husband is a native speaker.  My son is 11 months old and we lived in Spain until about 2 months ago.  We are now in the US living with my mother who only speaks English.  I have been speaking English to my son since birth and my husband Spanish.  My husband and I speak primarily in Spanish at home.  My question is now that we are in the states, should I also speak Spanish to my son to reinforce what is now the minority language?  I am afraid of developing a relationship with my son in a language that is not my first language, but I am also afraid of him not being bilingual….I don’t want to confuse him, but can I speak both Spanish and English with him? What’s the best thing for him to make sure that we speaks both languages fluently?


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