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I want that my 6 years old girl learn French, there are French courses for kids here but only from 7 years old or if the child knows how to read and write, since my girl doesn’t know how to read yet I can’t send her to that course and besides it’s quite expensive, so I was wondering if I can “introduce” the language now, but I don’t speak it at all, I’m trilingual, Spanish is my native language, I also speak English and Portuguese, she’s already bilingual, she speaks Spanish and Portuguese, I don’t worry very much about English because I think it’s easy and she has English classes at school, French on the other hand it’s very difficult.
What can I do to help her with French?
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There is a site called that teaches different languages.. Kinda like Rosetta Stone.. you can talk with native speaking people, and they help you with your exercises. I also suggest you watch a lot of you tube videos,listen to music or try find french speaking people in your area.
Good luck
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Hi Viviana,
Depending where you live, I take my daughter to the library for French storytime.  We are a Spanish/Cantonese family living in Toronto.
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