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Hello everyone,


We have a 8-month beautiful baby We live in Spain, near the border with France (10 km away). Basque is spoken in the region too and there are specific TV channels in French, English, Basque. Spanish is obviously the dominant language.


Mom: Basque (mother tongue) and Spanish (mother tongue)

Dad: Spanish (mother tongue), French (very fluent), English (FCE level)

Grandpa1: Basque and Spanish

Grandma2: Spanish an French


Since she was born, I’ve been speaking to her mostly in English, whereas some days a little bit in French. Her mother mostly speaks to her in Basque. Both grandparents mostly (95%) in Spanish. We would like to establish a multilingual system but I’m not sure which one is the best, any advice?


For instance, we were thinking about:


Mom <-> Dad in Spanish (family language)

Mom <-> Baby in Basque

Dad <-> Baby in English (at home), French (outside)

School = We don’t know yet, anyways, Spanish-Basque

Grandparents are babysitting right now, 2 days each one. They could include some French and Basque.


In my case (dad) is it better me combining English and French that way (home/outside) or is it better to establish some days completely to English and some other to French?


Thanks in advance.



Dawn Y.

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I think you should do:

Mom – baby – Basque (or Spanish)
Dad – baby – English (only)
Grandpa – Spanish (or Basque)
Grandma – French (only)

The baby will learn Spanish and Basque regardless. You will have to put most of your effort into English and French.


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