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We are hoping start a family and are committed to raising our children multilingually.
Having read many posts on this site the one parent one language route would be the best. 
But I speak welsh, Icelandic and English and my husband is bilingual French English. So we have decided he will speak French to the baby, we will speak English as a family and then I will speak… I choose Icelandic or welsh or can I do both alternate days or add one at a later date. Our community language will be Dutch but we will leave this to peers and school to teach.
Any help or advice would be great.
And we are both only children and kids will have no  grandparents so we will be the sole language acquisition points.

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When you mentioned you would be the sole language points I almost cried. You have not even begun your bilingual child rearing journey and you say that. Do not worry. If you are speaking a language you will find others who speak it as well, and if it is so different than it can be your “secret” language and something very wonderful just for the two of you to share.  Remember if you are feeling this way there is surely someone else feeling equally lonely. Just put it out into the internet universe and believe you are going to get external language support – and it will come 🙂

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Hello. First of all, I’d like to thank you to many people sharing on this site coz I ‘hv picked up lot of useful information.

I’d like to ask how can I should start to teach my baby (14 months) foreign language. I’m Thai and my husband is French. We live in France. Actually, I speak exclusively Thai to my baby (since he born) and my husband speak French. Right now he ‘s really bilangue, but we’d like to introduce English and Chinise. Both of us not speak Chinise, so we’d find a baby sitter for that, but we can afford only 4-6hours/week. Is it enough for him to speak Chinise in the future? As my mom come to live with us for 1-2 years and she can speak only Thai to baby, so I’d start to speak with him in English but my husband isn’t agree coz he afraid ours baby’ll confuse it and don’t get good accent! Another problem for this is my English. I think my English is ok for daily life but I can’t use it to teach baby specific things or knowledges. Then I think is it good if I speak both language to him, but nobody agree with me. They think it will make baby confuse and he’ll mix it up after. I forget to tell that I speak Thai at home with him, but when we are with other people(outside) I need to speak French with him. Can somebody suggestions how I need to do? Another question, I’d teach him to read in Thai and English with Doman’s method too. How should I begin? In fact, for Thai, it’s quite hard to find book here and I don’t expect he’d get hight level of Thai reading. What I want it’s just he can read some Thai (in general), but I expect that he would read, write and understand English and French perfectly. For French, I think he’ll do easily, but for English I’m not really sure. Can anybody tell me what I suppose to start and how should I do?

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