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I’m Algerian, my husband is Greek and we live in UK.

We have a 3 years-old daughter. I always speak in French with her and my husband tries to speak to her in Greek. I stay at home with my child and she goes in a bilingual French-English kindergarden 2 days a week.

She speaks perfect French but refuses to speak in Greek with her father.

Is it because he only sees her 1 or 2 hours in the evening?

Is it because she is not interested in Greek language?


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 Hi there, your dauther probably is not interested to speak Greek because she sees dad only few hours a day. With my son is the same, the father speaks chinese to him but his comprehension is not at the same level of his english or italian. Fathers have less time, also busy with other things so the exposure is limited and maybe in the evening the kid wants just to play. I can only recommend to keep speaking greek, at least she has some foundation.  


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