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sandra Skolny

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I am Brazilian. My Husband is American, and we live in USA. When my baby was 2mo, we adopted a 13yo from Ukraine.
This has been 16 months, and my Ukrainian princess now speaks Russian and English fluently. She is still working on writing in English.
The younger one heard only Portuguese from me up to 6mo. Then I returned to work full time, and she went to regular day care.
Problem was that we did not have any more private time after that, and I feel bad for speaking Portuguese when my (now) 14yo is around. Therefore, my baby started only listening to English, and now understand no Portuguese or speak Portuguese.
My family in Brazil is very upset about it, so am I, as it was important for me that the children spoke Portuguese.
I don’t know what to do.
Do I speak Portuguese only with the (now) 18mo and risk hurting 14yo feelings? And even if I do it, do I still have time? Wont be bad for her if mom suddenly only spoke another language?
Does anyone have any tip/information?
Thank you


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