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I am trying to learn Italian and teach it to my toddler.  I’m having trouble finding Italian language toys or bilingual toys.  The only success I’ve found is to look on Italian sites, but most of them don’t ship to America.  I really want a little bilingual computer for age 3-5 (like a LeapFrog).  Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you
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Dear Sylvia,
I don’t know where you are located, which obviously could also influence your availability to get Italian speaking toys. I’m in Brisbane, Australia. I wish to start my toddler on Italian when he’s 3 (currently we have English, German and Polish and he’s 1 and a half). At 3 he can attend an Italian Club playgroup. I would like to get some toys for him too.
What you  need to do is link up with native speakers who have reles in Italy who can buy and send you things. Surely there must be some Italian club around your place. Surely there must be some person within the group who can help you, or has some relative still in Italy who has old toys from their children or who would gladly get you some. If not, I have a “place” where I contact “locals”. is actually about providing hospitality and a place to stay, but I’ve used it for contacting people all over the world for cultural exchange. Why not find someone in Italy who can help? I’ve met some great, helpful and trustworthy people from this site.
good luck. Esther
Gerrie Kokolakis
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I am not quite sure if my information has reached you too late but you can find Italian and Spanish toys and many more various language toys at Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have
Best Wishes

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