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Hi everyone, 

I’ve looked through the forum and seen a few families dealing with something similar, but there was never the answer I was looking for. 

I’m bilingual (French/English) and have two children (almost 4, and 17 months). I have been speaking to them exclusively in English up til now, but want to begin bringing in French. Any stories of how people have brought a new language in (as a mother/primary parent) a bit later rather than starting from birth would be highly appreciated! The last thing I want to do is completely confuse them by an abrupt change, but I also know they will learn quickly and children these ages are extremely versatile… Thoughts??? Experiences??? Thank you in advance!


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Hi Sarah,

I’m also bilingual French/English.  My son is 8 months old and I haven’t been the best at speaking french to him so far but I’ve decided to really do my best and speaking French to him at least 50% of the time from now on.  I’ll be interested in hearing updates from you about your experience with older kids.

I don’t have advice to give you unfortunately but I’m thinking it’s never too late to start.  My mom never taught us English growing up, only french, and she always regretted it and made my life that much more difficult when I moved to an English speaking country.  So don’t give up!  It’s very possible your kids will start understanding French but answer you in English which may feel discouraging but it will be step in the right direction.

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