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Paola Grenier

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I have a question about how to approach school lessons for a bilingual child.  Our daughter is 9 years old, she is bilingual in English (mother’s minority language) and Hungarian (community and father’s language).  She has been learning Russian at school.  She has also just started English lessons at school, which are compulsory for her age. At home, she has just started learning to read and write in English.  At school the lessons are all speaking, singing, rhyming games at the moment – there is no written work yet. 

The school doesn’t have much idea what to do with her.  She is bored – really really bored!  The main ideas we have so far are that i) it will be good for her confidence to be so much better at something than her friends ii) she can ‘help’ the teacher by demonstrating and helping her friends iii) she can sit in the lesson and do something else.   None of these seem to work for her – she just feels bored, not confident; she absolutely doesn’t want to be a little helper in the classroom; and she says the lessons are too loud for her to do anything by herself quietly.  The teacher is very keen to have her in the lessons – I have no idea what else to do, other than argue for her not to attend the lessons and do something else.  
Any thoughts or experiences from other parents would be fantastic.
Paola Grenier

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I’m having a similar problem with my 9yr old. How about asking if she could use headphones and online exercises or a cd with a book, to do lessons at her level?

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