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I am looking for an American family who could welcome my daughter Justine next summer. I need help that is the reason why I contact you. Searching on the net I have discovered your association and think it could be in relation with what I am looking for.

In fact it seems you are in contact wiht many families which children learning the French language. And Justine wants to improve her English ! She could spend 2 or 3 months in an American family next summer. I think there are 2 solutions :

1 – Justine (almost 16 next september) could exchange with an american young girl who will be welcomed in her family in France (near Lille – close to Belgium) either the next summer or during the year ;

2 – Justine could simply spend few weeks in an american family, helping at home or baby sitting. A financial compensation from Justine’s family could be discussed.

She is a very pleasant, enthousiastic, independant and smart. She has 3 younger siblings.

Do you know any family who would like to live that kind of experience of exchange or needing a french babysitter ? Could you notify or adertise my request to your relationship or people you are in touch with ?

We are sure your help will be successful and thank you for all you will be doing for us.

We are looking forward to reading from you. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

Justine and Catherine.

our contact :

Justine Zago

78 avenue Duchesnois

59300 Valenciennes – France

Phone : 00 33 3 27 41 28 44

Fax : 00 33 3 27 45 11 43

Email : [email protected]

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Hello, I can do some findings for you. I am a spanish teacher in Virginia Beach, I teach small children, but I am in contact with a lot of children from half american, half french families, I know some of the french teachers from hte Virginia Beach District…etc, that can may be have students interested. Also, I have a lot of american friends, who would like a spanish or french, babysitter for their children.

I have kids myself of 4 and 7 years old. My hsuband is american. I have a little room above my garage we could have a person there, but I go to Spain all summer from June until August, we are here usually at hte middle of August.

I can do some research for you. We live right one block from the beach. Its a very healthy atmosphere.

Here is my email let me know if you have answers from someone else, if you have a family already.


[email protected]




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