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Provided you include our byline according to the instructions below you are free to use the written material from this web site.

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    By Christina Bosemark, Founder of the Multilingual Children’s Association (note, the link should be live and pointing to http://www.multilingualchildren.org or directly to the referenced article)
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    By Christina Bosemark, Founder of the Multilingual Children’s Association, www.multilingualchildren.org

Byline for other information on this web site, including the discussion forum, factoids and statistics.

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    Source: Multilingual Children’s Association
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    Source: Multilingual Children’s Association, www.multilingualchildren.org

Boiler Plate

The Multilingual Children’s Association is the premier web guide on the day-to-day practicalities of raising multilingual children. The organization is dedicated to encouraging and supporting caregivers of multilingual children, answer their questions, and to building a community.

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Title: Raising Bilingual Children?
Description: Your web-guide to raising multilingual children. Expert advice and real world wisdom with parent discussions, resource directory, tips and articles on kids growing up with multiple languages. From birth through school.
URL: http://www.multilingualchildren.org/

Article Series

Do you need something more ‘general interest’ than the full length articles on this website? Feel free to use these articles for your publication instead (750 words each). They are set up as a series of six here, but they can easily be used separately as well. They are free of charge, but we do ask that you keep the byline. We of course appreciate it if you told us where you published them.

  1. Raising Bilingual Children: The First Five Steps to Success
  2. Raising Bilingual Children: Separating Fact from Fiction
  3. Raising Bilingual Children: When Things Go Wrong
  4. Raising Bilingual Children: The Different Methods to Success
  5. Raising Bilingual Children: 10 Tips for Boosting The Minority Language
  6. Raising Bilingual Children: Is It Too Late to Start Now?


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Bio, Christina Bosemark

Christina is the founder and director of the Multilingual Children’s Association, the practical go-to resource for raising bilingual children. It offers expert advice and real world wisdom with articles, parent discussions, resource directory and tips for raising kids with multiple languages.

She is also co-founder and board member of a full time immersion school, The Scandinavian School in San Francisco, and a member of the American Council on Immersion Education. Christina advises multilingual families and writes the Bilingual Beginnings column for several leading parenting publications and is the in-house expert on Multicultural Families for ClubMom.

After growing up monolingual in Sweden, Christina had to go through the grueling effort to learn English, Dutch and German in school and as an adult (and understands just enough Italian and French to be dangerous). However, the effort paid off and she has lived and worked around the world and traveled the globe extensively.

Christina has career experience as a senior marketing professional in Silicon Valley’s high-tech industry and prior to that in telecommunications. She holds an Economics degree from the University of Växjö, Sweden.

Now she has settled down in San Francisco with her husband and two trilingual daughters, but she still gets some air under her wings sometimes to enjoy her favorite hobbies — flying airplanes, scuba diving and skiing.

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