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Adam Beck

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Dear Christina,

I’m sorry, but I was unable to contact you through your mail form–there seems to be a technical glitch with this form and with other aspects of the site (like the Directory).

As a teacher of bilingual children in Hiroshima, Japan, and the parent of two bilingual children of my own, the challenge of raising bilingual kids is an important part of my life. Toward that end, I want to thank you for all the useful content you offer at your site.

In fact, I also maintain a blog on raising bilingual children, called Bilingual Monkeys, and I highlighted the Multilingual Children’s Association in my post yesterday. Although my blog is fairly new, it’s already receiving some strong traffic and I hope I can help acquaint my visitors with your work.

Please take a peek when you have a moment…

Again, thank you.

Best wishes from Japan,


Adam Beck
Bilingual Monkeys: Ideas and inspiration for raising bilingual kids (without going bananas)

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