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Heather Snyder

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Hi, I’m a speech-language pathologist.  I’m working with a mother that is a native English speaker.  She lived in Spain during her high school years & has some family members that speak Spanish.  This mother lives in Italy.  The child is delayed in expressive & receptive speech.  The mother is speaking to her child in a mixture of Italian & Spanish.  What are your thoughts on this?  I would think she should only speak one language at a time….isn’t she confusing this child?

1. Country you live in:  Italy
2. Languages the family speaks: English
3. Ages of the children: 15 months
4. Language system: mixing languages

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At that age their brains are like sponges they absorb anything.. If I were that mom and speak languages with the child. I would not mix them in a sentences.. Like one word english and the other italian…
have a conversation in english.. stop the conversation and a few min.. have another one in italian… it helps a lot to get close to the child basically in his/her face and pronounce everyword very cleary..

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