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i would like to know if anyone has succeded in getting his child at least fluent? Even though the parents aren’t bilingual.
I don’t expect my child to speak the language chosen ( ESL) but at least have him aknowledge that English is nice to hear and maybe talk.
From his birth to 7 months old i was home and talked to him a lot in English.
Then i went back to work…
Now he is 13 months. I play dvds in English, he has an English leappad. I will meet next week an English mom with twin babies and hopefully if we click we could meet up regularly.
I would like to have someone advise me which book is best in my case ( monolingual family) cause i don’t have the same isues as multilingual families.

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Well, no one?

As a former au pair in the US i know all the vocabulary to use with toddlers.
I also play a nice cd from the editor “berlitz” it’s great for babies.
The leappad system is great because you can buy it in whaterver country you live in and then buy the cartridge from amazon in the chosen language.
I read a lot too.
th thing is, I feel silly talking English  when it’s not just the baby and me. Plus i don’t know how to tell him ” hey, this English time” so most of the time when i talk to him in English, i also translate in French. Not sure it’s a good idea though

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Hi Emmanuelle,
I’m not really sure what you mean about not being bilingual.  If you speak English and your native language then you are bilingual.
It is entirely possible for a child to learn a language from non-native speaker parents.  There are lots of stories on this board of people who have managed it.
I think you have more chance of success if you stick to the language you want to teach at least for the first few years of a child’s life. However,  there are people who live in multilingual communities such as in some African countries who manage to pick up several languages as their parents chop and change between them.
Not sure about translating everything you say.  Doesn’t it get a bit tedious for you?  Why do you do it?  Is it to include anyone that might be eaves dropping? Or because you think your son might not understand what you’ve said?

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