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We are monolingual parents interested in teaching our 11 month daughter German or French. My goal is to start learning these languages and begin communicating with her in these languages. I plan to purchase some of the language DVDs and toys for infants/toddlers. We have two French immersion preschools in my area that begin at age 3. Unfortunately there are no German immersion preschools in my area. Am I doing the right thing?

Erik K

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The French immersion preschools would greatly assist your efforts, so I recommend choosing French over German unless you have a specific reason to teach her German.

That assumes you want to teach only one foreign language. If you want her to learn both German and French, then you can do two things:
1) Teach only German at home, and rely on the preschool to teach French.
2) Teach both French and German at home. Perhaps one parent would use only French and English, and the other would use German and English; that is just one of the possible ways to split it up.

Yes, you are doing the right thing, according to this website at . Entering preschool might be confusing for any child. You can smooth the transition by making sure your daughter has at least heard some of the words and hopefully learned their meaning.


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