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Both me and my husband are Swedish. We are native Swedish speakers.

Both our kids (1,5 and 4) were born in the US. My son had a nanny in the US and speaks fluent English.

One year ago we moved to Germany. Our nanny came with us and it was natural to continue to speak English with our son. We decided that it woould be an easier transition into a German kindergarten if he could communicate in English with the teachers.

Now the kids are both in kindergarten and learning German with the speed of light and our nanny has moved back to the US.

The kids Swedish is lagging behind since their exposure to the language is limited. My husband and I only speak Swedish amongst each other but English with the kids. We seldom meet any other swedes.

I was raised bilingual English and Swedish so I am comfortable speaking both languages. With our daughter I tend to mix Swedish and English.

Our goal is to give both our kids all three languages from the beginning. Not sure how to approach it moving forward.

Any thoughts about how we should continue would be highly appreciated!


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Maybe you could try something along the lines of of you speaking Swedish and the other one speaking English with your kids? Otherwise you could try having full immersion days which I am going to try myself… For example, only speaking Swedish both amongst yourselves and with your children on weekends or only speaking Swedish in certain places or at certain times, like while in the car or in the morning.

Just a suggestion but hope it helps or maybe gives you some other ideas!

Good luck!

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