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Hello Everyone.  I am in a dilemma.   I am a Canadian -COlombian, married to a Dutch living in Vancouver BC. We have 2 chidren aged 4 and 6 who are multi lingual.  My husband only speaks Dutch to them, my parents speak Spanish, they live in an English speaking city and go to French school/daycare.  That is 4 languages before the age of 7!  I have always been a believer that children can learn up to 7 languages without a problem and my children have proven that to me.  However, I am now in a dilemma as we are moving to Spain!  it will be an awesome opportunity for them, as their Spanish will be perfect.  However, I am also aware taht they are at an age, where English can be weakened and displaced by Spanish as a First language.  I have switched to only speaking English to them, as I know that tehir Spanish won’t be a problem anymore.  My dilema is what school to enrol them in at Spain/  I have two options:  an American school or a French school.  My husband thinks they should go to the French school because he is sure they will never forget their English.  I am not too sure… I love French (both my husband and I are also multilingual and always wanted our kids to go to the Lycee, but now, I am really doubting it… I am afraid their English will suffer.  At the French school, they will only learn French and Spanish.  English is aonly seen since Grade 5.  at the American school, they will have 80% English and 20% spanish.  I relaly dont know what to do.  It is a tough decision.  It is true that the French system is excellent and they will be very well prepared for university, but I am now thinking that putting them in the American school will probably be less of a shock for htem coming from Canada.  Some people have also told me that as Spanish and French are so similar, I should not worry, as tey will surely learn it later and very well.  It is true that French for me was not difficult and I learned it at 20…  I don’t know what to do.  Please help me. What do you think is best?

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I say english is the one you want to leave last,it’s so easy and everywhere,you shoulnt have to worry about it,French is difficult to learn and the litteracy of it is harder,spanish will be learn on the street in your new town and dutch inside the home,I say French schooling,good luck,I’m in the same boat here in Calgary with French and Englais,wich school to pick…hard being a caring mom,hug!!


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Hello! My advice would be to send them to French school. Spanish will be no issues because of where you will be living. When you move you should switch to speaking English.. Perhaps make it a game on tues, thurs, and Saturday you speak English. Not sure if you also want to keep the connection with them wIth your mother tongue which is Spanish and different words as spoken in Columbia. Kids tend to identify the language with a parent so you can do both there. GoOd luck…

Parents need to give their children credit for their talents .

Good work!

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