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  4 languages dilemma for a little baby… please give me some advices dany 688 3
by Dany
  5 year old not speaking minority language yet Charlotte 180 2
by Nuria McNeal
  Multi lingual kids KJ 198 2
by Michaela
  Non native speakers raise bilingual child and what about rest of the family Kuba 360 2
by ABoarder
  swedish parents tom 712 3
by Santiago
  Which language to speak? (Mandarin, French, or Spanish?) JB 415 2
by Sibylle
  Non-native French speaker – my experience so far Omma 4,647 11
by Amy
  Need advice on model to use Ann 470 0
by Ann
  Will I miss out on just having fun? Bryant 597 2
by Ashley
  OPOL-non-native JSriley 992 1
by Angelo
  I am the problem, not my kids Mireya 1,129 4
by Alan
  Family Agreement Pedro 675 0
by Pedro
  Non-native speaker wants to speak to her baby only in English Sylvia 3,162 6
by Bee
  Toys for bilingual children Nancy 1,210 0
by Nancy
  Help needed to support third language (German) Patricia Faura 1,788 1
by Yi
  Part-Time Nanny Language Exposure Valerie 2,159 1
by Seonaid
  Raising a bilingual (Spanish&Russian;) kid in Moscow, Russia, looking for friends! Olga 1,363 0
by Olga
  Mom-Spanish, Dad-English and wants to add Mandarin Chris 2,485 2
by Colin
  Advise with a education in home or in a course Danielle Ferreira 1,584 0
by Danielle Ferreira
  Suggestions for learning and teaching Tyakeia 2,022 2
by Tyakeia
  Seeking suggestions for family language system Lilo Carr Rivera 2,819 1
by Teddy
  book of Russian alphabet Karen 5,073 5
by Marina
  uttering some sentences mixed up with the 2 languages Najme 2,164 1
by Hatice Ciyanci
  child-care conundrum Peter 2,183 2
by Helena
  Single Trilingual, baby on the way! Jennifer 2,569 5
by Jennifer
  Trilingual (Ita+Fren+Engl) in Italy Enrico 2,526 7
by Enrico
  How to teach French when you don’t speak it at all? Viviana 2,538 2
by Wendy
  English parents wanting to teach baby French Sam 8,400 7
by tiffany
  Are my efforts ended in failure? F 2,602 1
by sandra
  Course or summer camp? Kitty 2,036 0
by Kitty
  help! I really miss my language!!! elizabeth 2,789 11
by Hatice Ciyanci
  What to do when stuck for a word? Angelina 2,055 1
by Hatice Ciyanci
  Mom mixing 2 languages with 15 mo old Heather Snyder 2,162 1
by sandra
  OPOL and Homework Dale 2,538 2
by Daira
  Speak to your child in your native language
  1 2 3
Paul Daniels 11,173 30
by Paul
  help! passive vs active bilingual…how do I get him to speak? elizabeth 2,484 0
by elizabeth
  Research on non-native bilingualism (need your help)! Irina B. 2,496 2
by elizabeth
  Non-native bilingualism – when is too late? Tosomja 2,316 1
by elizabeth
  Non-Native French Speaker Angelina 2,180 3
by DJL
  English speakers – add Spanish? heather 3,342 5
by Frank Humiston
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