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My OPPO DV-970HD plays absolutely everything in the DVD/CD format from any zones. Not only do the kids watch any of the movies we brought home from France or Bosnia, or played anyvideo games from anywhere, I can also have a slideshow, from my couch, of my pictures saved on a CD. I love my OPPO.


Elida Petrella

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Where did you find your DVD?


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That’s where I bought mine. I bought the Daewoo version over 2 years ago. It still works pretty well, probably better with a cleaning, but it gets plenty of use and sometimes grubby dvds are played in it and it hasn’t broken yet.


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Just about any kind of DVD, not too old, can be converted to multizone, you just have to program it, to do that.

I have a 29$ GPX1610, or something like that , that I bought in KMart recently, and I have it playing all zones. You can look in this web page, on how to convert any DVD into Multizone.

I hope is helpful for many of you.




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I’ve been very happy with a Samsung DVD-HD960 that I bough from last fall.  It plays my Czech DVDs (recorded in PAL format) nicely on my USA (NTSC format) television set.

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