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Hola a todos/ hello everyone!!

I want to share with you my story:

I live in Florida (USA), I was raised bilingual (English/Spanish) and so I am raising my two little boys bilingual as well.  Both my husband and I speak Spanish at home.  Because I wanted to find more ways to expose my kids to the Spanish language, and also wanted to help monolingual parents give their children the gift of a second language, I decided to start a Spanish learning bilingual playgroup called:  “We are Little Amigos”.

The playgroup has been getting a wonderful response from both parents and children.  Most of the songs a sing during sessions I’ve written myself, so I decided to record a music CD which I am so proud of!!! (most of the songs are in a bilingual format).

For more information about my playgroup, visit:

If you are interested in starting your own Spanish learning playgroup, I am happy to share tips and resources to help you do so.

Thank you for letting me share my story!

Maribel Suardy
*give the gift of a second language*

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I’m in the Ft. Worth area and have a group called mi amigos.  The structured playgroup idea is  a great idea.  We struggled with accomplishing our goal of learning spanish — so planning the playgroups out and using music, etc. is a great idea. 

Basically our group shares info on spanish language aquistion.  I need to do a web site, right now we have a yahoo group.  Who did your web site?  It is so cute.

Our group formed a balet floklorio class for kiddos and it is taught in Spanish…so another way to get the language from native speakers.   I’m also looking into getting a Spanish in Motion class together (learn Spanish through dance

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Thank you for sharing your story. I am currently a high school Spanish teacher. I am interested in starting a playgroup and/or giving private lessons to spend more time with my son Diego (2 years) and son-to-be (six more weeks). I would love any advice you could give on how to start a program (where to have it, how to advertise, how much to charge, etc.) We are, of course, raising our son bilingually and have been very successful so far. I appreciate the help!!


I am also in the Ft. Worth area (Grand Prairie). I would like more information on your playgroup.


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Hola Tami y Adriana!!

Sorry for the late reply, I don’t check this site very often.  I would love to chat with you and share tips.  Please accept my invitation to join my brand new “on-line playgroup” I’ve formed with the purpose of connecting with other parents and educators interested in EARLY LANGUAGE LEARNING.  I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

go to:

and you can do an “on-line group” search,  under “We are Little Amigos” to find my group.  Or, contact me directly:  [email protected]  Hope to hear from you very soon!

Maribel Suardy

PS- Adriana, FELICIDADES on your new addition, salud para los dos!


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