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Mitchell Cohen

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Thanks for this site!!!!

My wife and I are both American ex-pats, who have made our home in Israel, and our two kids were born are are being raised here.

We speak with our kids in English in the home, but our kids (now aged 7 and almost 3) schools (obviously!!!!) are being conducted in Hebrew.

Our 7 year old daughter, Meira, is confidently bi-lingual, although she already prefers Hebrew over English (especially when it comes to reading).  Our son, Naphtali, who will turn 3 next month, only heard English in the home until he started nursery school this year (in September) and already speaks and understands Hebrew.

However, our daughter speaks English confidently and, with the exception of throwing in a few Hebrew words here and there, answers us back in English.  She has no problem carrying on a conversation with her grandparents in English (i.e. my parents and mother-in-law), even if her conversation is a bit more hesitant than it would be if English was her only language.

For now, Meira and Naphtali are mostly conversing with each other in English, although most likely that will change when they are older, as experience with other native English speaking parents raising kids who were born in Israel shows.


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